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cometsItalianoRadio Cometa Rossa is a website created by Alessandro and Claudia in 2012. It looks like a blog with podcasts, photos, videos and articles. It contains a little chat on which everybody can leave a comment. It’s been two years since we started conducting interviews and writing articles about musicians, writers, painters and artists in general from all over the world on this independent and self-produced project. The aim of this website that combines a webzine with a web radio is to spread culture content, to focus on artists we can’t easily reach because they are far away from the mainstream. Most of these people have never been on tv, on newspapers or on radio stations. We have also organized a contest of home recording on cassette tape in order to give some space to new bands.
However, art is not the only topic we usually talk about: we have hosted philosophical, scientific and literary debates with some young students.
Radio Cometa Rossa has played the role of communication partner for many events of our town, Avellino (Italy), and in some festivals in our region, like Disorder Festival in Eboli, and we have also organized some presentation of books and one concert in a theatre.
We have collected more than 34.000 listeners and more than 36.000 visitors to the site from all over the world.
Radio Cometa Rossa has become like a free archive, a multimedia library by which everybody can listen, read and watch its cultural content. Freedom of thought and no boundaries of learning are some of the characteristics of this non-profit project. All the content you can find in this site have been recorded, written, impressed and spread by Radio Cometa Rossa staff.


something about us: Bostoniano.com

thanks to:

Luca Caserta
Paolo Spagnuolo
Margherita D’Andrea
Vincenzo Moccia
Adriana Nigro
Bianca Fenizia
Ivan Mazzone
Livia D’Aliasi
Halston! (the American band who played our jingle)
Leonardo and Angela Festa
Flavio Gargiulo
Mario De Prospo
Ugo Adda
Massimo Caserta
Bubba Iandolo
Zoo Vitreo
Fabio Passantini
Emma di Taranto
Christian Urgese
Zio Fabio

…and to all of our followers and supporters!


Licenza Creative CommonsQuest’opera di Radio Cometa Rossa è distribuita con Licenza Creative Commons Attribuzione – Non commerciale – Non opere derivate 4.0 Internazionale.

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